Power supply

When designing the electrical supply for the Digitalis data center, we applied a non-standard approach. We did not look at the data center as one indivisible whole with one consumption, but we focused individually on individual servers, racks and aisles.

Thanks to a new perspective, we have created a unique solution with higher reliability with the same redundancy. At the same time, the solution has a better ratio between the installed power and the usable power of the electrical system equipment. Reliability with N+1 redundancy is enhanced by having all generators and UPSs run at less than maximum power during any power outage, while with the "N+standby" concept, N devices run at full power and the standby is not running. In both cases, the N+1 concept applies, where if any branch fails, the remaining branches will take over its performance without interruption.

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Digitalis power supply:

  • Each of the four branches is powered by its own transformer, and has its own backup generator and UPS with N+1 modules.
  • The branches are in 3+1 redundancy, and are connected using a "multiple feed" system, which means that all branches are always used equally (if one branch fails, there is no switching of the central elements of the power supply going on, as the power transfer occurs at the level of server racks).
  • Each row of racks is powered by a combination of 2 electrical branches. Therefore, each hall has exactly 9 rows of seagulls.
  • In case of failure of one of the branches, the load is distributed evenly on each remaining branch with 1/3 of its power.
  • There are no active elements between the UPS and the branch in the row of racks - possible points of failure.
  • Above each rack is a busbar from which power is supplied to the PDU in the rack.
  • Each server has its own electricity consumption meter with a direct connection to VNET's information system. The customer gets a unique opportunity to check consumption through the VNET customer zone after 15-minute intervals.


In the Digitalis data center, Caterpillar rotary UPSs are installed, which work on the flywheel principle.

Why is a rotary UPS better?
  • Rotary UPS has a longer service life and higher reliability
  • The rotary UPS is environmentally friendly because it does not generate waste in the form of worn accumulators
  • it is not necessary to maintain a stable temperature below 22 °C in the room with the UPS
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Diesel generators

  • The Caterpillar diesel generators are equipped with twin starters, one being powered by its own generator accumulator, and the other directly from the rotary UPS, resulting in the further improvement of launch reliability.
  • Generators are located directly in the data centre building.
  • Residual heat is also used to temper motor generators and machine rooms, saving additional electricity.
  • Underground fuel tanks have adequate stock for the case of a prolonged power outage.
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Bus duct image
Bus duct image

Bus ducts

  • In the Digitalis data center Legnrad bus ducts are installed.
  • Bus duct is an enclosed metal unit containing copper or aluminum busbars for distribution of large amounts of power between components of the distribution system.

  • Their main advantage is that even at full voltage other points of supply can be connected, and the system can be flexibly modified.

  • Metal covered busbars are grounded what creates superior shielding.

  • Thanks minimal electromagnetic interference, this system is particularly suitable for data centers.

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At DC Digitalis, we provide our clients with a wide portfolio of excellent serverhousing services. At DC Digitalis, you can choose exactly what you need, whether you are a large company looking to rent data centre space, or you just want to run a project with one server.

  • Colocation
  • Rackhousing
  • Serverhousing (your own server)
  • Dedicated server
  • Virtual server
  • Additional services
  • Data center comparision


Why is DC Digitalis green?

We decided to build a data centre that would be friendly to nature without making any compromises on quality and reliability. How did we achieve this?