Why is DC

Digitalis green?

Data centres consume huge amounts of electricity and use technologies that are harmful to the environment. We decided to build a data centre that would be friendly to nature without making any compromises on quality and reliability. How did we achieve this?

Prečo je DC Digitalis zelené
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We save electricity:

  • Digitalis needs up to 2/3 less electricity than traditional data centers to power the supporting infrastructure.
  • Using a unique combination of direct and indirect free cooling, Digitalis is cooled the maximum number of days a year in an ecological way, without the use of mechanical cooling (compressor running). And this is mainly thanks to the complete separation of warm and cold air between aisles, hybrid cooling towers, air humidifiers, adiabatic effect and flywheel UPS.
  • With revolutionary fair pricing, we also motivate our customers to use servers with lower consumption.

We use ecological technologies:

Rotary UPS use the kinetic energy accumulated in the rotating flywheel (moment of inertia). In the event of a grid failure, the energy of the overrun flywheel is used for DC power until the start of the backup generators.

Why is rotary UPS green?

  • Rotary UPS has a longer lifespan, and there is no need to regularly replace batteries
  • By using rotary UPS, we avoid creating chemical waste in the form of used batteries, which are difficult to degrade.

  • Ich používaním nevzniká ťažko odbúrateľný chemický odpad vo forme opotrebovaných batérií 

Why is water mist extinguishing green?

  • It is a mixture of atomised water and air that is not electrically conductive and has similar properties as inert gas
  • 100% ecological solution, the extinguishing mixture contains only water and air
  • The use of cheaper types of inert gases is going to be prohibited by the European Union from 2014 because of environmental harm.

An extinguishing system on the principle of water mist is environmentally friendly, unlike the inert gas that is traditionally used in data centres.

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    We protect the environment at every step:

    We use residual heat generated by the data centre equipment.

    Servers and other telecommunications equipment generate a lot of heat that must be removed from data rooms. It can be drained off or utilised further. We make full use of residual heat to heat office space and the greenhouses of the Kulla garden centre. We are delighted that live Digitalis flowers also flourish thanks to this heat.

    Recycling of waste

    There are recycling bins throughout the data centre, allowing us to separate waste and contribute to nature conservation.